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  • Purification Kit
  • Purification Kit

Efizia offers the latest in UV water purification and disinfection systems for just 900€ for flow volumes of up to 400 liters.

Water is one of humanity’s most basic needs: every person needs at least 20 to 50 liters of clean and safe water on a daily basis to accomplish just the most basic of tasks (drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.).

That´s why human-use water must be disinfected, chlorination currently the most popular method. Although this system is the most widely-used, it is associated with a many problems, namely the smell and taste of chlorinated water as well as the possible apparition of trihalomethanes, by-products that are highly toxic in cases of excess chlorination.

Here at Efizia we offer complete UV water disinfection and purification systems as an alternative to chlorination-based systems. They include the added benefits of a total lack of odor and taste in the water and the elimination of suspended particles, heavy metals, and harmful bacteria. This system is useful for both water that is previously treated with chlorine as well as untreated water.

- Untreated water: a quick, low-cost, simple, and effective method of treatment that eliminates bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and algae with low-dose radiation. Pre-filters eliminate suspended materials, organic matter, and volatile organic products.

- Chlorinated water: trihalomethanes are the by-product of disinfection by chlorination, above all when waters are excessively chlorinated - they are highly toxic and carcinogenic. The equipment´s carbon pre-filter will remove these compounds, eliminating the chlorine taste and odor.

Our system’s disinfection process works in three phases:

Phase 1. Pre-filter.
A small sieve that eliminates heavy metals and suspended particles, also acting as a bio-filter against certain microorganisms.
Phase 2. Activated Carbon Filter.
A filter made up of a layer of activated carbon that removes organic material, and in the case of water treated with chlorine, eliminates the water’s unpleasant odor and taste, moreover eliminating possible disinfection by-products like trihalomethanes.
Phase 3. UVC Chamber.
Named for the radiation given off by a special germicidal lamp that when applied to the water flow has been demonstrated to be an efficient and safe technique for the disinfection and purification of microbiologically contaminated water.

Advantages of the system over the disinfection by chlorination:

- Easily disinfects without altering the water’s chemical or physical properties, thus not imparting a flavor, color, or odor to the water, likewise not altering its pH.
- Eliminates the need for the use and storage of chemical products and their corresponding dose, handling, and storage risks.
- Excess UV radiation does not cause any adverse effects.
- In situ disinfection.
- Does not give rise to residual products – there are no known harmful effects to the health of those that drink water that has been treated with ultraviolet light.
- Very little time required to disinfect water using UV light.
- Does not affect the water’s temperature or pH.