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  • Global Management of Audiovisual Content
  • Global Management of Audiovisual Content
  • Global Management of Audiovisual Content

The definitive solution

Through INGEsuite, we offer what is probably the most complete interactive television solution for hotels. This application allows for offering guests the latest movie, television, music, and video on-demand, as well as high-speed Internet access. Moreover, it offers a communication channel for getting up to date on all the events that are taking place during one’s stay at the hotel. This all takes place through each room’s television in a completely interactive way thanks to a simple, easy-to-use, remotely controlled interface. It’s about having a compact, elegant, durable, low maintenance cost solution. Guaranteed profitability for you and satisfaction for your customers.

INGEsuite is not designed just for satisfying the entertainment and information needs of your guests; it also includes a series of additional options that will allow you to administer the services that are offered in each room, including advertisements that appear on-screen, etc. And all of it perfectly integrated into your current property management system.

Our streaming application includes the latest security and coding solutions, offering an improved quality of transmission and assuring content protection, offering the following features:
On-demand content service that allows users to choose what they want to watch, being able to do so at any time.
Play/pause functions for the playing of content.

The possibility of a 100% simultaneous occurrence event which would hypothetically allow all users to access the same content, even at the same exact time.

The Moving Room feature allows for beginning a movie on the television in one room in the suite or apartment, pausing it, and then continuing to watch it on a different television in a different room.