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  • Intelligent Climate-Control Systems
  • Intelligent Climate-Control Systems

Variable Capacity Climate Control Systems

Future climate-control systems regulating multiple spaces and big buildings will depend on the installation of intelligent systems that are able to meet the specific needs of each individual environment. Therefore, VRV/Inverter systems are designed in modules, for appropriate air-conditioning or heating any time, any place: when ambient conditions determine the changing load requirements of rooms, the equipment that is installed in such spaces routes the corresponding refrigerant or heating flows through tubes and terminals, rapidly and effectively conditioning the room.

Energy Savings

Substituting traditional domestic air-conditioning systems for modular climate-control systems allows for savings of up to 40% on energy use when conditioning rooms and spaces in your hotel.

Other Advantages

In addition to aforementioned energy use advantages, there are other significant advantages over conventional systems:
An increased level of comfort.
Maintenance of optimal temperatures, avoiding brusque oscillations.
A reduction in the time that is necessary to condition the desired temperature.
A reduction in noise.
Due to the applied rotor system, sound is generated outside of rooms, rather than within them.
The life cycle of these products is considerably longer than that of conventional products.

Quality Guarantee

Among solutions that are already on the market, Efizia uses only the best manufacturers. We have systems from Daikin and Mitsubishi available, the two pioneers of variable capacity climate control systems.