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Optimize the potential of your network

IPVersa is a global management platform for IP telephone services on which IP telephones can operate on a network as if they were just another normal part of the data network. The ability to deal with the voice over internet protocol (VOIP), and have an externally-available data interface, are necessary requisites for enjoying the benefits of next-generation applications and services as well as for the cost reductions that customers expect.

Thus we recommend that you take advantage of your IP network not only to offer television and entertainment to end users, but also to offer advanced telecommunications services, so using your infrastructure to the maximum.

Messenger Applications

The communications administrator, who is responsible for all the information channels between devices and platforms, manages the messenger applications: email, fax, voice, MMS, SMS, or video. In practice, this means that users have access to all the different kinds of message services used by the business wherever, and from any kind of advice (PC, PDA, laptops, smartphones).

These are the services that are offered:
Voicemail: voice messaging and an automatic operator.
Voice2Email: indication of the arrival of voice messages sent to an email address and the option of listening to them through a web browser.
Fax2Email: a fax service that allows for sending and receiving faxes by email.
SMS2Email: allows for sending and receiving SMS by email.

Personal Telecommunications Applications

These applications administer communication services via PC.

A simple graphic interface that begins and ends calls and supervises and administers directories (OutLook, ODBC applications).

There is also a series of programs available for video calls, which can be made from a PC, a laptop, or other mobile devices, providing maximum flexibility to users.

PBX Services

PBX services include, in addition to basic telephone services, advanced functions such as outgoing and incoming call forwarding, as well as the possibility of having a uniform numbering plan with different access profiles for managing different types of services. Making available these voice services – that can also be used through a PC with personal telephone service applications – is an additional guarantee of improvements in business efficiency.

Scalability and distribution of the application

IPVersa scalability and flexibility allow for incremental investments, depending on the current needs of the customer. This gradual approach is suitable for both businesses with a single headquarters as much as those with many headquarters in many different places. In this sense both small and medium enterprises as well as big companies can optimize their investments and assure profitability.

A wide range of devices

The service can extend to include the supply of devices such as analog telephones, digital telephones, VOIP, and wifi coverage, as well as computers running on personal telecommunications applications, PDAs, and smartphones, thus guaranteeing the full mobility of services and moreover providing effective integration with other applications, optimizing productivity.