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Energy Audits


Energy audits should be performed under the supervision of the administrator and/or building manager to determine the best action plan that cuts energy use and costs as much as possible. Among other points, the following are main considerations:

-State of the facilities. Energy supplies will be analyzed (electricity, fuels, production of energy, steam, hot gases, etc.).

- Analysis of the production processes (If there are any).

- Analysis of enabling technologies and services. The efficiency of the application of enabling technologies as well as the supply of services (comfort, appearance, etc.) must be established. The aim is to identify possibilities for savings or energy diversification for all equipment and organization systems: the thermal behavior of buildings, electricity systems, natural and artificial lighting, the thermal design of buildings, compressed air production systems and distribution networks, thermal power stations, hot water production systems, refrigeration units or chillers, etc.

- Data collection and measurements.

Once all of these factors have been considered, an improvement proposal is drafted, the aim of which is a reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs, the diversification of energy sources in favor of cleaner and cheaper ones, and the incorporation of the best available technology, etc.

Consultancy on Subsidy Acquisition

Due to growing societal interest in environmental sustainability and the efficient management of energy resources, Western governments have made a wealth of subsidies aiming to promote the implementation of clean, renewable, and efficient energy available to businesses.

In Spain, the central government and the autonomous communities have developed various aid plans taking the form of soft credit and/or subsidies with the purpose of encouraging energy use optimization in buildings. These subsidies will help you advance your business’s energy efficiency optimization projects.

For this reason, we at Efizia have a specialized consultancy department to assist in searching for, and managing, subsidies that we find just for you, either when you are involved in a project with us, or if you only require the consultancy service by itself.