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  • CCTV and Dome Cameras
  • CCTV and Dome Cameras

CCTV and Dome Cameras

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a security camera technology designed for monitoring a diverse range of environments and activities. It is named ‘closed circuit television’ because all its components are interconnected and it is a system intended for a limited number of viewers. The circuit can be composed of one or more security cameras connected to one or more monitors or televisions, which show the images that are captured by the cameras. To improve the system, they tend to be directly linked to other components such as video monitors and computers.

We offer video surveillance systems that are remotely controlled from a room wherein the cameras’ view, focus, angle, and zoom can be adjusted. Some of these systems include night vision, computer-assisted operations, and motion-detection that gives rise to a state of alert when something moves in front of the cameras.

Depending on the equipment, the clarity, quality, and resolution of images can be excellent, and in some cases can be worked on in post-production in order to extract further information. These features have made the use of CCTV become ever more commonplace in recent years.

Laser-based video transmission system.

Air-EL300 is the first laser-based video transmission system designed specifically for elevators where CCTV can cause wiring and installation problems. It improves security system quality by avoiding the need to wire coaxial cables along elevator tracks. The system also cuts down on maintenance and inspection costs as well as provides low-cost cable-free video transmission that is easily installable.

Our video surveillance system perfectly fits any elevator, avoiding installation problems. Put in place in the elevator, the camera gets connected to the transmitter, which in turn sends video to the receiver. Once the Air EL-300 system has the signal in the receiver, it is then sent to the video recorder.